Bixby Developer Center


Reserved Utterances

Certain words and phrases are reserved for Bixby, and cannot be used in training. These phrases are for meta-commands, such as list navigation, and for named dispatch.

Named Dispatch Phrases

Bixby uses named dispatch phrases to select the proper capsule. In the pattern list, %dispatch-name% is a placeholder for your capsule's dispatch-name or one of its aliases. For example, if your capsule's dispatch-name is "Meme Generator", it can be dispatched with "with Meme Generator ...", "ask Meme Generator to ...", and so on.


Reserved meta-commands are directives built into Bixby for specific functionality. Some of these commands are only reserved in specific situations, such as list navigation or device and media control (playback commands, canceling alarms, changing speaker volume, and so on). For more information on how this impacts your training examples, see "Training Limitations" in Training for Natural Language.


You should not create actions in your capsule to handle functionality listed in the Reserved Utterances section.

Supported Locales

Named dispatch phrases and meta-commands are organized by locale. Consult the list for your language/locale: