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2023 October-December

23H Capsule SDK Release Notes

Updated: November 8, 2023


Internal platform changes that are not visible to capsule developers will be communicated via internal status updates.

Deprecation Schedule Change for Older Macros

The schedule for Deprecation 6830 (deprecating template-macro, template-macro-def, layout-macro, and layout-macro-def) has been moved to 2024. You should still update your capsule to use the generic macro and macro-def keys instead.

Version 1 of js-runtime-version Deprecated

We are deprecating js-runtime-version(1). You should use the latest version of js-runtime-version instead. For more information, see Migrating to JavaScript Runtime Version 2.

Deprecation Stages

Learn more about the deprecation stages.

  • Stage 1: This deprecation is currently in Stage 1 and is safe to use until the time that we provide a formal deprecation schedule.

Japanese Locale Added

We've added support for the Japanese (ja-JP) locale for mobile devices (bixby-mobile-ja-JP).

For more information, see Set Device and Locale Targets and the target reference page.