Welcome to the Bixby Developer Center!

Bixby is a next-generation, conversational assistant platform. It offers a new way to help your users get things done in a more efficient, personalized and natural way. Now, you have access to all of the tools and documentation to start building for Bixby. You can now publish your capsules for discovery in the Marketplace, and device manufacturers can integrate Bixby’s intelligent commands and the SmartThings network with their own devices.
The Bixby Team
Download Bixby Developer Studio8.23.0-r23y.1854407
10.12 or later
ALPHA: Ubuntu Desktop 18.04+, Fedora 30+

What's in Bixby Developer Center

Build Rich Conversations

Get to know the basics of the platform and how to develop a capsule with this introductory tutorial.
Comprehensive introductory and advanced guides to help you develop your own capsule.
References to Bixby Language keys, JavaScript API, and all other references necessary to develop capsules.
Fully developed samples and walkthroughs you can use as a reference or as a template.

Control Smart Devices

Get to know the basics of Bixby Home Studio and how to set up your device with Bixby voice commands.
The Bixby Home Platform Developers' Guides organized by task.
References to Voice Intents, SmartThings Capabilities, Data Types, and Nodes available on Bixby Home Platform.
Samples graphs representing example action flows, which you can copy and paste into Bixby Home Studio.