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Version 8.20.0

Updated: March 7, 2023

Welcome to v8.20.0, the 23A release of Bixby Developer Studio (Bixby Studio). This release includes performance and UX enhancements, mock OAuth support, on-device testing improvements, wallpaper options in the Simulator, and bug fixes. We also have an announcement about Training V1 support removal.

Features and Enhancements

Performance and UX Improvements

  • [VIDE-6089] Local code validation of EL expressions. Now EL syntax errors are shown instantly for files smaller than 300 lines of code: Syntax errors shown for an uncompilable EL expression and an unknown property
  • [VIDE-6343] Show references of a symbol on Cmd-Click (MacOS) or Ctrl-Click (Windows) of its definition

QR Code for On-Device Testing

You can now use QR codes to help speed up your on-device testing. You can either scan a QR from the Submission Pane in Bixby Studio to quickly enter a revision ID or scan a QR code from the Simulator, which will run with the IDE's workspace without having to make a private submission and setting the Revision ID on the phone.

QR Code in the Simulator

For more information, see the On-Device Testing developers' guide.

Mock Oauth Support

We've added the ability to mock OAuth tokens in a story in your capsule. If you export a story that uses OAuth, then the OAuth token is stored in the root directory of that story in the oauth-mocks.json file. Subsequent runs of the story reference this token instead of executing the OAuth flow.

New File window with OAuth Mock selected

For more information, see the OAuth Mocks section of the Stories and Assertions developers guide.

Wallpaper Options in the Simulator

You can now choose between several wallpaper options in the settings of the Simulator when testing on the mobile target, such as a Galaxy S23 mobile device. You can choose between a Lighter, Light, Dark, and Darker wallpaper. This will enable you to test your icons and images against various wallpapers that users might have on their own devices.

Simulator window with the Wallpaper option expanded in the Settings

Bug Fixes

[VIDE-6250] NL Input node missing in debug plan graph for stories v3

Removal for Support of Training V1

We plan to remove the option to use the legacy training UI (Training V1) from the next release of Bixby Studio, in favor of the newer Training UI (Training V2), which has more user-friendly features. This means we will also no longer provide support for the legacy training UI in older versions of Bixby Studio. In general, this change will not be visible to most Bixby Studio users, since Training V2 has been the default training UI for over a year.

Please contact the support team if you need assistance with using Training V2.