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Design Principles

Bixby is designed to offer users a new way to get things done in a more efficient, personalized, and natural way. Bixby is reliable, trustworthy, and friendly while helping you complete what you’re trying to do as efficiently as possible. These are the design principles behind Bixby.


In addition to these principles, there are additional policies to consider when designing and developing for Bixby.

About the Principles

Clarity and Brevity

Bixby is about getting straight to the point and delivering what you need, when you need it. Interactions with Bixby should be as natural as speaking with your most knowledgeable friend.

Continuity and Context

Conversations with Bixby are like a choreographed back-and-forth. They build on every moment in a conversation and understand when to apply context.

Intelligent Assistance

Bixby presents well-informed suggestions to help users decide; it doesn’t just return search engine results. It’s learning what users prefer, and each interaction informs a larger narrative.

Accelerate Doing

Bixby enables users to get things done quickly. It rewards specificity, but still offers help along the way to the action.

What Bixby Isn’t


Search and search engines have shaped the way people have sought information with lots of results to sift through. People need to invest significant time and energy to put two and two together to get things done in this interaction paradigm. Bixby only provides the most valuable results and options for users, helping them use their own time more wisely.


Messaging is a great way to interact with friends, family, and co-workers, and one often goes through the message thread to find important communication. However, keeping a history of the conversation with an assistant serves no purpose.

Voice Command

Bixby is not a voice command feature. It does not aim to allow users to control, navigate, or manipulate apps with voice.


Apps have been great, feature-packed tools available at the tips of our fingers since the dawn of mobile. However, assistance is not about exposing all the features of the app through UI. Instead, Bixby focuses more on information and less on all the knobs and dials.

Bixby Vision

While Bixby Vision (Samsung's Augmented Reality and visual translation system) shares Bixby's branding, it's a separate product. You can have Bixby open a phone's camera application, but your capsule can't get information back from Bixby Vision.