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2022 January - March

8.15.0 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes

Updated: March 23, 2022

Welcome to v8.15.0, the 22C release of Bixby Developer Studio. This release includes enhancements to autocomplete, the code editor, and settings of Bixby Studio, as well as several bug fixes.

8.15.0 Features

8.15.0 Autocomplete Enhancements

We've added more support for automatically completing model names in the intent and match keys.

Two examples of autocomplete in the code editor. The top image is giving model name examples in a match key. The bottom image is giving model names in an intent key.

The Simulator also now supports autocomplete for the intent editor.

Autocomplete suggestions for the example.meow sample capsule in the Simulator intent editor pane

Code Editor Enhancements

The Component Gallery now supports the audio-control and permission-link Views components.

The `audio-control` Views component in the component gallery

We've also added a search box to the Select a Capsule page when creating a capsule from a sample, so you can find the sample capsule you want to copy faster.

Settings Enhancements

For better accessibility, we've added a font size option in the Bixby Studio settings. You can set a font size between 4px and 72px, with the default size being 14px. The font size is applied to both the Main editor window and the Simulator.

You can now also open the Settings within the Simulator and Debugger windows.

8.15.0 Bug Fixes

  • [VIDE-5859] Preserve filename when changing the file template in Create New File dialog
  • [VIDE-5913] Resolve the queue issue with audio data for TTS playback
  • [VIDE-5891] Select the editor tab on mousedown event to improve responsiveness

8.14.0 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes

Updated: January 19, 2022

Welcome to v8.14.0, the 21Y release of Bixby Developer Studio. This release includes playback support for embedded audio files in SSML in the Simulator, Training Editor performance optimization, autocomplete updates, and other enhancements and bug fixes.

8.14.0 Features

Playback Support for Embedded Audio Files in SSML

The Simulator now correctly plays back audio files that are embedded in SSML. For more information, see Using SSML.

Training Editor Performance Optimization

We've optimized saving, listing, and scrolling through training entries in the Training Editor.

8.14.0 Autocomplete Enhancements

Autocomplete in the Editor now lists the recommended version of imported capsules.

Autocomplete also works inside the for-each and switch control flow keys now.

Generic Macros Now Default

Previously, new layout macros were created as layout-macro.bxb files and new dialog macros were created as template-macro.bxb files. With the move to more generic macros, Bixby Studio now creates all new macro files as macro.bxb files.

Other Enhancements in 8.14.0

8.14.0 Bug Fixes

  • [VIDE-5864] Mouse-hover documentation lookup works for nested keys and control flow keys
  • [VIDE-5810] Support collapsing imported nodes with input and output in debug plan graph
  • [VIDE-5811] Center-align imported node labels in debug plan graph
  • [VIDE-5843] Clean up remote workspace when user logs out in IDE
  • [VIDE-5789] Resolve a memory leak from menu state update