Bixby Developer Center


23B Bixby Developer Center Release Notes

Updated: May 19, 2023

These release notes list all the latest and greatest changes that have happened the first half of this year in the Dev Center!

Capsule Issues Reporting

Team admins of capsules can now access the Capsule Issues Runtime Error Report in the Issues Tab of the Developer Console. This tab reports which capsules have issues, a list with a brief description of those issues under each capsule, and a detailed report that you can expand on each issue.

Team admins will also get notification emails with a capsule issue summary about the issues.

For more information, see the Reviewing Runtime Issues section in the Using Developer Console guide.

Accessibility Updates

We continue to improve the accessibility and usability of the Developer Center. Here are some recent changes we've made:

  • Only visible items are navigable and focusable by keyboard.
  • A tab-focused area is highlighted with a light blue.
  • Labels have been added to the search bar.
  • Decorative images are ignored by screen readers.
  • Buttons have discernible text.
  • Link and button colors have been updated to improve color contrast.

Documentation Updates

Along with some accessibility improvements to the docs, we've added several sample capsule docs: