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22U Bixby Developer Center Release Notes

Updated: November 9, 2022

These release notes list all the latest and greatest changes that have happened this past year!

Bixby Home Studio Documentation

You can learn all about Bixby Home Studio with the latest documentation available on Bixby Developer Center!

Capsule developers can find relevant documentation under the Build Conversational Experiences section of the Bixby Developer Center, while device manufacturers can read about Bixby Home Studio under the Control Smart Devices section.

Bixby Developer Center home page

You can also find relevant docs by filtering your searches:

Updated search filters

Accessibility Updates

We've added some accessibility improvements to the Developer Center, including the following:

Dynamic Resizing

Bixby Developer Center dynamically changes its layout to better suit the size of your browser. This also means that the Developer Center is now mobile-friendly!

Resized Webpage

Mobile version of the Developer Center

Page Titles in Browser Tab

The page title of the the HTML page is now reflected in the browser tab title, instead of just saying "Bixby Developer Center".

Designing Principles Page

Syntax Highlighting

We've updated the syntax highlighting in our documentation, including for Expression Language fragments, vocabulary, action endpoints, and match patterns. The syntax highlighting you see in the documentation matches Bixby Developer Studio.

Here are a few examples:

input-view {
match {
MyDuration (duration) {
min (Required) max (One)

message ("How long of a duration?")

render {
duration-picker {
initial-value("#{durationBetween(addDuration(now(), 'PT1H'), now())}")
type (MyDuration)
vocab (MovieGenre) {
action-endpoint (CreateItem) {
accepted-inputs (spaceResort, numberOfAstronauts, dateInterval, pod)
local-endpoint ("book/CreateItem.js")

Improved Feedback Messaging

We've updated the messaging in the documentation Feedback pop-up, clarifying that this feedback mechanism should be used for suggesting improvements to the currently opened documentation page. Issues for capsules, Bixby Developer Studio, or Bixby Home Studio should be reported by contacting our support team.

Feedback pop-up with improved messaging

New Dialog Design Pattern Guide

We've added a new design guide, the Dialog Design Patterns design guide, which should help you create more consistent dialog flows for users within Bixby.