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2018 April - June

5.3 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes

Updated: June 28, 2018

In this release, in addition to bug fixes, we've introduced a number of updates to the Simulator.

5.3 Simulator Updates

Bootstrap Preference Support

Bixby Developer Studio now allows you to view bootstrap preferences within the Simulator.

If you select the info bubble located on the right of the capsule selector, you now see bootstrap preferences that are shown to the user. You can drill down into specific bootstrap preferences, but you cannot change them.

Simulator window, with arrow pointing to info bubble where you can see Bootstrap Preferences

Button Colors Support

The Simulator now supports showing button foreground (action-fg-color) and background (action-bg-color) colors.


Button with blue background

Button with red background

Provider Icon Support

The Simulator now displays the provider icon if available:

Capsule Icon in upper left corner of window

5.2 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes

Updated: June 13, 2018

In this release, we've fixed a number of bugs. In particular, we've fixed an issue that caused capsule images (those within the /assets/ folder of your capsule) to show up as broken.

5.1 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes

Updated: June 4, 2018


Bixby Developer Studio 5.1 is a required update. If you do not update Bixby Developer Studio to this version, you will receive a notification that forces you to download the latest version.

New Drag and Drop Functionality in the Sidebar

You can now drag files into Bixby Developer Studio from your desktop. You can also drag an entire capsule folder into the file navigator. And within Bixby Developer Studio itself, you can now drag files and folders to move them.

5.1 Simulator Updates

Capsule Context Selector

The Simulator now has a Capsule Context Selector that shows all available capsules along with their target version (also known as capsule context). The list includes your workspace-synced capsules and any capsules available with the loaded revision ID. The list also tells you if a capsule does not support NL-based queries ("No NL"). Capsules are ordered by your synced capsules first and then in alphabetical order.

Capsule Context Selector, with drop down of available capsules listed in Simulator

New Location for Revision Selection

We've updated the location of the Revision Selection UI. Whereas it was previously in Settings, you can now find it in the Simulator.


When adding training examples, Bixby currently uses the same revision ID that is selected in the Simulator, though this will change in the near future.

SPS Support in Simulator

You can now test payments using Samsung Payment Service (SPS) within your capsule. When the payment flow starts, the Simulator now renders a mock Samsung Wallet.

Simulator with Test SPS Payment window

Hands-Free Toggle

If you have designed your capsule to support hands-free devices, the Simulator now has a toggle button for testing capsules in hands-free mode:

New Understanding Page

To give you a look into Selection Learning, the Simulator now shows the Understanding Page. This page shows you what Bixby understood, as well as the decisions it makes on the user's behalf. You also have the ability to change values on those decisions, as shown in this example with "search radius":

Understanding Pages, with an arrow pointing to the Choice I Made section, showing search radius set to "a mile"

OAuth User Session Management

If your capsule uses OAuth, you can now view and reset OAuth sessions within the User tab of the Simulator:

OAuth sessions, with an arrow pointing to OAuth session section and another arrow pointing to the the reset icon (circular arrows)

Auto Refresh of Simulator

The Simulator will now automatically refresh as API updates occur within your capsule. For example, if you have a ride-sharing app, the Simulator now allows you to view a car on a map refresh automatically within your layouts.

Legacy Renderer Retired

We are also retiring the Legacy Renderer (used with Bixby 1.0 capsules). If you are still actively developing Bixby 1.0 capsules, contact us at for further assistance.

5.1 Debug Console Updates

To learn more about the Debug Console, read about Debugging.

Improved Concepts and Actions

Within the Debug Console, we've further refined the information you can view when you drill down within Concepts and Actions. Concepts and Actions display the values of the models being used in the query execution, or at the specific selected node along the execution graph. All of the values for models (such as results, functions, dialog) can be displayed entirely within the Inspector by expanding their levels in the data structure tree.

Actions and Concepts panes of Debug Console

Dialog Refinement within Debug Console

We've improved the Dialogs section of the Debug Console so you can now drill down within dialog and inspect individual phrases. You can then view corresponding templates, file paths, concepts, and other metadata.

Dialog pane of Debug Console

New Summary View

We've also added a new Summary view to the Debug Console that allows you to quickly view information about execution, such as whether or not the goal was reached as well as errors, warnings, or prompts that occur.

Summary view, listing capsule, goal status, and execution details

Test Console Replaced with Debug Console

With the continuous improvements we've made to the Debug Console, we are now retiring the old Test Console.

Broken Capsule Images Known Issue

In the 18J Bixby Developer Studio, there is currently an issue that causes capsule images (those within the /assets/ folder of your capsule) to show up as broken. This does not apply to images hosted outside of the capsule on third-party services. This issue will be fixed in our next release.

4.23 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes

Updated: April 20, 2018

In this release, we didn't release any major features, but we did fix a number of bugs! 🐞

4.22 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes

Updated: April 3, 2018

In this release, we've fixed a number of bugs and made updates to the Debug Console. Please continue to test the Simulator and Debug Console. If you see issues, do let us know by posting on the dedicated Quandora website. We appreciate your feedback and will continue to address issues as they come in.

4.22 Debug Console Updates

As the new Debug Console continues to be refined, we've introduced a new pane for Functions and NL.

The Functions pane allows you to view details related to functions within your capsule including:

  • function logs
  • action results
  • web requests and responses
  • request and response headers

Functions pane in Debug Console

The Natural Language (NL) pane provides a host of data related to the NL interpretation including:

  • Language
  • Aligned NL
  • Training data
  • Matches
  • NL tokens

NL pane in Debug Console

Selection Learning Settings

We've added a toggle for Selection Learning in the settings for the Simulator. You can also click the Reset button to reset Selection Learning, which can help when testing strategies and you want to clear existing learning:

The Settings view of the Simulator outlining the Learning Models section, with the Selection Learning option checked.

We'll be adding more debug features within Bixby Developer Studio for Selection Learning in the coming months.


Keep in mind that the Reset button is currently tied to your specific developer account and only resets Selection Learning related to your persona.