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6775 (Input View For Details)

We've introduced a new runtime flag that changes how a single result is rendered within an input-view.

If you specify the use-input-views-for-selection-list-detail runtime flag, you can render the details of a single item in an input view by calling a layout, layout-match, or layout-macro.


// With the `runtime-flag` enabled
input-view {
match-pattern: MyResult (this)
message (...)
render {
if (size(this) == 0) {
// render a form
} else-if (size(this) == 1) {
layout {
select-button-text (select me)
section {
} else {
selection-of (this) {
where-each (result) {

If not specified, then an input-view calls out to a corresponding result-view to render the layout for a single result when selecting an item from the selection list.

Deprecation Stages

Learn more about the deprecation stages.

  • Stage 1: This deprecation is currently in Stage 1 and is safe to use until the time that we provide a formal deprecation schedule.