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No Code Design Patterns

This sample demonstrates how to create a capsule without writing a line of traditional code by taking advantage of Bixby modeling. It also shows examples where even in a complex capsule, you might be able to keep simpler parts of the functionality code-free.

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Because you cannot submit a capsule with the example namespace, in order to test a sample capsule on a device, you must change the id in the capsule.bxb file from example to your organization's namespace before making a private submission.

For example, if your namespace is acme, change example.nocodedesignpatterns to acme.nocodedesignpatterns.

To see the capsule in action, open the Simulator and give the input utterance "Start". This shows an introductory view. You can also say "Flip a Coin" or tap it to play the game.

Design patterns to take notice of in this capsule include the following:

  • Using models and Expression Language for functionality
  • Dummy Text: the Intro and LearnMore views output a DummyText concept and use a match pattern with from-output to display the correct view
  • Command: The Help and About views use an EL-based command pattern in a single view

Video Tutorial: No Code Design Patterns

The following video shows how to create a capsule without having to write code with this sample capsule.