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6803 (User Profile Access Permission)

We have been working on several enhancements related to user data permissions.

We're breaking up the permissions that were originally given by user-profile-access into separate permission-specific keys: device-location-access for users' location, for users' contacts, and viv.self for users' profile information.

Accordingly, user-profile-access will be deprecated in our 20G release.

We've also added restrictions to these permissions, so that you can change the scope of how much these permissions affect users.

These changes will provide capsule developers the ability to define what specific type of user data (such as location and contacts) that the capsule requests from the user. This update also allows users to control what data they want to share with a capsule or service at a more granular level.

As before, all user data permissions in Bixby are optional. Users can decide whether they want to share data with a capsule and can choose to enable and use the capsule without having to share data with a capsule. Users can also change this anytime from the privacy section in Bixby Settings.

For more information, see the Grant Capsule Permissions topic.

Deprecation Stages

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  • Stage 1: R20G
  • Stage 2: R20J
  • End of Life: None