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Component for a Views page that appends a hyperlink or an intent within a section. Users can click on the attribution link to go to the specified URL or to trigger the defined intent. If you are using an intent, it should be used to open another application or capsule and not to re-navigate within your own capsule. This is another way of redirecting to a website within a Bixby View. You should use an attribution link in most situations, versus completely leaving Bixby through punching out with app-launch, because you should let the user make the explicit decision to leave the capsule.


The attribution link should be placed at the end of a section, not in the start or middle of one.

For additional design considerations on using an attribution link, which might affect your capsule being accepted into the Marketplace, see Punch Out of Bixby Views and User Experience Policies.

Interactive Demo

Child Keys

Text label for the hyperlink in an attribution-link
Logo to add to the attribution link, either at the Start or End of the link text
Target URL in attribution-link
A set of signals that the Bixby planner interprets to create a plan


Here is an example with an intent:

section {
content {
... // other components
attribution-link {
label ("More on LocalBusinessFinder")
intent {
goal: example.localBusinessFinder.OpenApp

Here is an example with a URL:

        attribution-link {
label {
template ("Open Bixby Developer Center")
url {
template ("")

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You can run the sample capsule in the Simulator to see how this component displays on different devices, if supported.