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This section provides important information about Bixby Capsule SDK deprecations, current as of release R23J, in tables sorted by their current stage. .


DeprecationIDStage 1Stage 2EOL
Deprecate Layout And Template Macros6830R24HR24Lnone

Stage 1

DeprecationIDStage 1Stage 2EOL
Training Entry Limit Exceeded7alwaysnonenone
Library Version Upgrade Recommended8alwaysnonenone
Compare EL6791alwaysnonenone
Sort Signals6725alwaysnonenone
Halt In Computed Inputs6729alwaysnonenone
Modern Prompt Rejection6732alwaysnonenone
Inherited Concept Features6735alwaysnonenone
Macro Cardinality Restriction Enforcement6763alwaysnonenone
Input View For Details6775alwaysnonenone
Deprecate JavaScript Runtime Version 16833alwaysnonenone

Stage 2

DeprecationIDStage 1Stage 2EOL
Simplify Group Constraint6691R20KR20Nnone
Special Snapshot Node Properties6781R20KR20Nnone
Capsule Info Name6727R19OR19Onone
Localized Capsule Properties6723R19OR19Onone
Hands-Free EL Function Changes6734R19OR19Onone
No Role Properties6742R19OR19Onone
Min/Max Constraints6744R19OR19Onone
Capsule Description6748R19OR19Onone
Icon And Image Assets6750R19OR19Onone
Deprecate Card Chin6759R19LR19Onone
No Filtering With Validation6764R19MR19Snone
Modern Default View Behavior6767R19MR19Snone
Max Store Sections6772R19OR19Qnone
Prompt Mode6774R19OR19Pnone
Input Name Validation6777R19OR19Snone
Hint Key Rename6779R19OR19Unone
Implicit Library Declarations6783R19OR19Pnone
Prompt Min/Max6788R20LR21Anone
EL exists() and size() Functions6793R19TR19Wnone
Marketplace Constraints6794R19UR19Ynone
Action Delegate To6795R19WR20Anone
Move From Runtime Flags To Runtime Version6797R19WR20Anone
Enum Subtypes Cannot Add Symbols6799R20KR20Nnone
User Nickname6800R20AR20Enone
Deprecate User Profile Access Permission6803R20GR20Jnone
Text In Pattern Training6804R20CR20Gnone
Text Lib Library Deprecation6805R20ER20Hnone
Activity Support Time Value Required6806R20ER20Hnone
Activity Support Time Cardinality Violation6807R20ER20Hnone
Require HTTPS on Authorization Endpoints6808R20ER20Hnone
Category Updates (20C)6809R20ER20Hnone
Changes to EL Node Evaluation Functions6810R20ER20Hnone
Import Macro Requires Qualification6811R20FR20Inone
Card OnClick6812R20FR20Inone
JS Preconditions6813R20GR20Jnone
Input Cell OnClick6814R20GR20Jnone
Require Symbol Set Equality6815R20HR20Knone
Remove Non-Card Components From List6816R20HR20Knone
Deprecate Invalid Types in EL Function Params6817R20JR20Mnone
View Behavior6789R20LR21Anone
Deprecated Case-Insensitive Categories6819nonealwaysnone
Lock Screen Permission Update6821R21AR21Dnone
Wild Card Match On Confirming Link6822R21CR21Fnone
Equal Parents Alias6823R21CR21Fnone
Payment Selection6825R21ER21Hnone
Boolean Reprompt Functions6828R22AR22Dnone
Capsule Description Terms And Privacy Policy6829R22BR22Enone
Audio Control Album Art Size/URL6831R22IR23Anone
Deprecate Conversation Behavior6832R22JR23Bnone


DeprecationIDStage 1Stage 2EOL
Require Permission Justification6776R20AR20GR21C
MD5 Library Deprecation6784R19OR19QR20C
VivContext User ID Non-Internal6785R19UR19YR22C
VivContext User ID Internal6798R19WR20BR20I

You can learn more about the deprecation stages, or refer directly to the specific deprecations using the deprecation IDs listed on the table of contents on the left or in the tables above.

About the Deprecation Stages

Features deprecate in three stages.

StageDescriptionTime Before Progressing to Next Stage
Stage 1 DeprecationThe first stage is a deprecation warning (WARN_DEPRECATED). At this stage, you can continue to use the feature in question, but we highly recommend that you update your capsule to account for this deprecation.After at least 6 weeks, depending on impact
Stage 2 DeprecationThe second stage is a deprecation error (ERROR_DEPRECATED). At this stage, you can still develop and test your capsule locally, but you won't be able to make new submissions of your capsule into the Marketplace. Capsules will continue to work for users; new capsule versions cannot be submitted.After at least 3 months
End of Life (EOL): Compilation ErrorThe third stage is when a feature has reached end-of-life and is no longer supported. Existing submissions of your capsule with deprecations at this stage will be removed from the Marketplace. You need to update your capsule immediately and resubmit. Capsules will not work for users; new capsule versions that haven't been properly updated cannot be submitted.-

You will be informed by email if your capsule has any deprecations in any stage. Bixby Capsule SDK Release Notes also list new deprecations with each release. If you have any questions about these deprecations, you can contact the Bixby Developer Support team.