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2022 January–March

22B Capsule SDK Release Notes

Updated: March, 16, 2022

Deprecated privacy-policy-url and terms-url in capsule-info.bxb File

We've deprecated both privacy-policy-url and terms-url in the capsule-info.bxb file. You should instead define the appropriate documents in your legal.bxb file instead.


capsule-info {
privacy-policy-url (
terms-url (


legal {
country-documents {
privacy-policy {
terms-and-conditions {

Deprecation Stages

Learn more about the deprecation stages.

  • Stage 1: R22B
  • Stage 2: R22E
  • End of Life: None

22A Capsule SDK Release Notes

Updated: January 26, 2022

New disable-voice-content-selection Runtime Flag

We've introduced a new runtime flag disable-voice-content-selection, which allows you to disable the voice content selection feature on a global scale for your capsule.

Updated Dialog Best Practices

The Dialog Best Practices Developers' Guide has been updated with more information and with better examples.