Version 1.3.0

Updated: March 7, 2023

Welcome to version 1.3.0 of Bixby Home Studio (BHS). In this version of BHS, we have a new pop-out console feature, the ability to diff your graphs, device status indicators, and several new nodes.

Pop-out Console Window

You can now pop the console out of the main editor window into a separate window, which enables you to more easily read the console information while working on your metadata graphs. For more information, see the Viewing Console Separately With Pop-out Console Window section of the Bixby Home Studio Basics developers' guide.

Visual Graph Comparison

Now you can compare and view the visual differences between a submitted version of your graph and a newer version of your graph. For more information, see the Showing Visual Differences topic.

Device Status Indicators

You can tell the online or offline status of your device now more easily in BHS. This information is available in the Status Bar, in the device screen tab, and in the New Project pop-up. For more information, see the BHS Basics guide.

New Nodes

The following nodes have been recently added. For more information about each node, see the Nodes reference page.

  • Is Device Online: Checks if the device is online