Developers' Guides

The Bixby Home Platform (BHP) Developers' Guides are organized by task.

  • Using Bixby Home Studio
    Describes how to use the editor to design a voice interface between Bixby and smart devices.
  • Sending Device Commands
    Describes how to use action flows to send device commands with or without arguments.
  • Creating Responses and Labels
    Describes how to set and customize Bixby responses, prompt users for confirmations and selections, and create custom device mode names.
  • Performing Arithmetic and Concatenation
    Describes how to use nodes to perform the addition function, concatenate actions, and store and set variable values.
  • Testing and Publishing
    Discusses how to test metadata via on-device testing and submit metadata for publishing.
  • Advanced Topics
    Discusses topics that developers with a solid foundation in the basics of BHS may want to explore, such as modularizing graphs, converting JSON data, and connecting common logic across different metadata.